Bulle Verte®, Bulk&Refill stations specialist since 1988

Bulk in France

In the past few years, House cleanser bulk distribution is in full development in France. Consuming from bulk is a real alternative. Whether organic or not, bulk is a real asset; In Ecological terms, it is the best way for packaging and waste reduction. The first rule for Béa Johnson, the most famous “Zero Waste” lifestyle guru, is to buy in bulk in order to reduce plastic and waste.

Nowadays, Bulk groceries flourish throughout France, Europe and everywhere worldwide. All these groceries do not only sell products, but they are also a living place of cultural exchanges. Bulk grocery stores can revive neighborhoods and villages; they are real assets for the territory where they are established. Bulle Verte® is a key partner for this type of business thanks to its wide range of natural household products and big experience, as this company is proposing Bulk refills since 1990 !

Bulk Network in France and Bulle Verte®

The Bulk revolution needed to be organized and it did. In France, in 2016, Réseau Vrac association was born, it is the first inter-professional association in the world dedicated to bulk (about food, shelving, house-hold products…) and Bulle Verte is a member from the very beginning, convinced that “united we stand”.

Bulk at Bulle Verte®

Bulle Verte® has been offering its entire range of household products in refill stations for since 1990. Buying and consuming in bulk you can say “good bye” to over packaging and start buying products at the right price, packaging usually represents about 15% of the price of a product. Consuming bulk makes the customers control their own needs in terms of consumption and their expenses!