Our engagement : to meet our customers expectations offering high quality products

What does “Quality” mean to us:

-Quality of household products: our products are developed in order to meet the highest expectations and customer requirements

- Quality of materials: we thoroughly select our raw materials (natural, some of which from certified organic farming, local as we can) so that they are as noble as possible, performants and suitable to develop our Eco-detergents.

- Quality of formulation: Bulle Verte® excels in green chemistry and in the art of formulation. Time and perfectionism are required to create the perfect natural household products. In 2009, thanks to the experience gained over time, co-founder Claire Marcesse, has been awarded and named “Knight of the National Order of Merit” by the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, for her great work in green formulation.

- Quality of service: Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We strive to be responsive and attentive to our customer. We are constantly working to improve our delivery times.

- Human Quality: Our Company cares about human relationships. We are big enough to serve and small enough to be able to personalize our communication with customers as well as suppliers. We are committed to human quality relationships, also equitable and authentic


Since 1988 all what matters to us is customer satisfaction. Throughout these years, our experience as a formulator and manufacturer guarantees the quality and purity of our eco-detergents and natural household products.

Our R&D (Research and Development) laboratory controls every single production and the Quality department ensures that the flow is right until packaging. A complete traceability is guarantee until the commercialization.

We thoroughly select our raw materials, of natural origin and from certified organic farming, as much as possible. We have always work in priority with local suppliers nearby La Drôme Provençale and collaborators in France.

Nowadays, Bulle Verte, counts with 90 references of Eco-Detergent with the ECOCERT Greenlife label. This label guarantees that our natural household products are sustainable and fully respect the environment.