Bulle Verte®, the love story between nature and chemistry

The greatest challenge of CDS Bulle Verte has been to combine the richness of Drôme Provençale's nature, research in chemistry and customers demand on safe and performant detergents and household products.

In 1988, this family company started distributing hand soap used in garages. Seeing their customers, mostly professionals, little satisfied with the the products they used to sell, they decided to start manufacturing them themselves. Claire Marcesse, developed the first soap Microbul poudre: one of the first professional soap plant based that was a huge success within mechanics and garage workers.

Further to the incredible success of their formulas and seeing that customers were seeking for more natural household products in France, CDS La Bulle Verte started to design a new line of eco-friendly cleaning products. In 1994, La Bulle Verte natural and ecological products was officially launched in the market and were the first in offering their whole line also in bulk refills.

Bulle Verte®, a Natural Visionary


Founders of the company and the Bulle Verte® brand, now recognized by the distribution networks of organic products, Patrick and Claire MARCESSE have always been passionate about the nature, the scents and the colors of the Drôme Provençale.

The awareness of the need in the market of natural household products, harmless for humans and for the environment, pushed them to use and to dip in the natural and vegetable resources of this rich French region.

This urge allowed the Bulle Verte team to innovate throughout these 30 past years, rewarded by different prices. Today, the Bulle Verte® R & D laboratory perpetuates this know-how, and offers more than 90 Ecocert Greenlife certified references, always more pure and performant in their action.